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Meet Clem

A Life of Miracles is simple, when you know how


Healer, Life Coach, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Mentor

Clement has been practising as a healer, transformational life coach and spiritual teacher for the past 38 years. After leaving his secure government job in 1984 he started on what turned out to be an incredible journey and adventure that has had its share of ups and downs.

Through all his journey he has remained committed to fulfilling his life purpose of helping people to win their freedom as he continued his adventure of winning his own freedom.

In 2001, he co-founded Life Coach Associates which for 14 years offered a comprehensive transformational life coach training course, training many incredibly talented coaches who are helping people to transform their lives. More recently Clement has developed a new programme called Miracles and Mastery, which offers you the opportunity to experience the freedom of your true Infinite Self, and to learn to create miracles in your life.

Because of a lifetime of seeking, researching, exploring and experiencing Clement brings a huge reservoir of knowledge and understanding to his work, and does so with inspiration, passion and joy. His message is that you are the greatest miracle and offers you real ways to experience this and make it work in your life.


I sought out Clement McGrath after struggling with lack of success, not fulfilling my potential and being unable to stay on task in my work environment. I found Clem to be sensitive, insightful and encouraging. Clem helped me to deconstruct the problem areas I felt I had and lead me on a journey of personal discovery. I could not have made such significant personal discoveries without his guidance. I have become focused, effective and self-reliant, and he has provided me with all the tools I need for the future.



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