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Miracles Coaching Programme

This programme is only for those who are seriously committed to radically changing their lives and living at a level beyond all they have previously achieved

10 x 2-hour deep dive sessions on the principles and practices of a life of miracles and mastery. You will examine your life in great depth to bring yourself into full alignment with your desired miracles. There are several phases to that work, and we systematically work through them all, while remaining sensitive to where you are at, and what you need right now to keep growing and evolving.

You will explore:

  1. Absolute clarity on where you are at, and what you need to re-align.

  2. Healing and releasing the past for a new start.

  3. Clearing the universal hypnotism and its limitations.

  4. Becoming the conscious co-creator of your life.

  5. Anchoring the miracle frequency into your nervous system.

  6. Developing breath and energy mastery.

  7. Opening the heart and going beyond defensiveness.

  8. Living in mastery with responsibility, presence, joy, peace, and full congruence.


Additional resources:

2 PowerPoint video programs, Radical Happiness and Miracles and Mastery through the Chakras.

A copy of my book, Mission Possible: Living Your Extraordinary Life.

Email or phone support within agreed limits.

Twice weekly 5- minute motivation / support videos

Getting started:

  1. You make initial contact with me via phone, email, Facebook, or the contact page here.

  2. We set up a time for an initial 15-minute interview to ensure it is the right program for you.

  3. We arrange an appointment schedule for the deep dive sessions.

  4. The investment is paid and we start. Payment plans are available.

$15,000.00 NZD

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