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Transformational Breathwork


Be transformed by conscious breathing.

What is in the mind is in the breath, and what is in the breath is in the mind. Conscious breathing is the gateway to healing, growth, transformation and mastery. All the tensions and traumas you have lived with are held unconsciously in the breath. With conscious breathing you become aware of what has been suppressed into the body and the subconscious. The combination of heightened awareness and the connected breathing pattern releases and integrates all that has been locked in there.

Breath mastery = life mastery

This breathing is especially brilliant at releasing trauma, which is often held at a level the conscious mind cannot access. When the breath is rehabilitated the past is released, trauma is dissolved and limiting patterns are transformed.

  • Effective resolution of persistent issues

  • Deeper feeling of peace and well-being

  • Emotional equilibrium and resilience

  • More energy and aliveness

  • Improved sleeping

  • Enhanced relationships

  • A feeling of being reconnected at many levels

  • Empowered to significantly change their lives

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Getting started:

1.  You make initial contact with me via phone, email, Facebook, or the contact page here

2.  We set up a time for an initial 15-minute interview to ensure it is the right process for you

3.  If you wish to proceed, we arrange an appointment schedule for the deep dive sessions

4.  The investment is paid and we start

$495.00 NZD

For a two-and-a-half-hour session.

This is an in-person process and is not offered by phone or video. ​


"The conscious connected breathing I did with Clement was one of the most powerful things I have experienced. I believe it has the potential to significantly transform your life. I was so impressed with it that I seriously thought about training to facilitate the process myself. I would heartily recommend it."



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