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Creating Your Life of Miracles and Mastery 

Image by frank mckenna

This 10-lesson course firstly gives you a comprehensive overview of the principles and processes of allowing miracles, and stepping into mastery in your life. ​ It then takes you on a journey of healing, transformation and mastery through the chakras.

You methodically explore the consciousness, tasks, issues and challenges of each chakra. Along with the theory you practise awareness exercises, healing processes and meditations that make the course real, experiential and practical.


You gain perspective on the issues of your own life, and receive guidance on how to resolve and integrate them as you continue your journey of mastery.

VIDEO 1. Introduction to a life of Miracles and Mastery, Part 1.

This explores profound truths about your true nature as the universe individualised, and shows you how to step into your full potential as the conscious co-creator of your life.

VIDEO 2. Introduction to a life of Miracles and Mastery, Part 2

In this class we examine the real nature of miracles, and the principles you can consistently apply to allow them into your life. You will have a direct experience of accessing, anchoring and embodying the frequency of the miracles you desire.

VIDEO 3. Breath and the Base Chakra

We now start the journey of healing and transformation through the chakras. You will explore how to use the breath consciously to help the base chakra fulfill its purpose of anchoring the Spirit into the body and into life. You will explore the issue of belonging and how to evolve that.

VIDEO 4. Relationships and the Sacral Chakra

In the sacral chakra you learn how to use your energy to influence your world and fulfil your desires. You will explore how you do this in an unconscious way, as you also explore some significant issues that belong to this chakra. There will be powerful exercises and meditations to practise in your own time, and you will learn how to give yourself full permission to live the life of your dreams.

VIDEO 5. Self belief and the Solar Plexus Chakra

Now you will explore in great depth how you operate in the world, and how much your self-image supports or inhibits your life. You will learn how to transmute anger into self-empowerment. As with all the chakras you end with practising the very powerful chakra clearing meditation.

VIDEO 6. Innocence and the Heart Chakra

In the heart we explore the difference between a defended heart and an undefended heart, and the ways to heal the heart. Only then can we live with openness, joy, creativity, trust, spontaneity and innocence.

VIDEO 7. Self expression and the Throat Chakra

Here you explore what true authentic self-expression is, any fears or blockages you may have about expressing yourself, and what you truly wish to give expression to in your life. You will also start to explore the process of spiritual awakening and going beyond the egoic approach to  life.

VIDEO 8. Clear perception and the Brow Chakra

In the brow we learn how to pierce the veils of confusion and misunderstanding that block so many on their path of transformation and awakening. By now you are learning how to orient your identity beyond the body / mind personality to become anchored in the I AM of your true infinite nature.

VIDEO 9. Unity and the Crown Chakra

Now you are more fully stepping into a life of mastery where miracles become the norm, as you also embody the truth that you are the living miracle capable of transforming your world.

VIDEO 10. Completion and Integration

This video looks at the implications of the journey you have taken and suggests ways you can continue the journey as you keep embodying your possibility of living a fulfilled life of miracles and mastery.

$597.00 NZD

Radical Happiness

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Radical happiness is especially for you if you have been seeking through all sorts of methods to find happiness but it still eludes you. It start from the core truth that your true nature is happiness, and has always existed within you. The only problem has been that it has been clouded and you could not see it.


Over the course of six videos you will learn to connect with the Source of this established inner happiness, recognise and clear the 5 habits that keep you in misery, resolve the ongoing effects of early life trauma, cultivate happiness habits, embrace and co-operate with change, and live a fulfilling life of responsibility and meaning.


Each video lasts approximately one and a half hours and is filled with empowering information, awareness exercises to practise, strategies you can apply in your life, and healing meditations. Together, all these make the program completely relevant to you and your life, and deliver real happiness rather than just talk about it.


Happiness is an inside job -  uncovering what already exists.


The pathology of unhappiness - clearing the 5 unhappiness habits.


Trauma and its effects - recognising and healing the effects of trauma.


Cultivating happiness habits - empowering yourself through simple strategies.


Embracing change - going beyond resistance to co-operation with life.


Responsibility and meaning - consciously creating a life that fulfills you.

$375.00 NZD

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