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Intuitive Readings

'We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them'

                                                                                                                                       ALBERT EINSTEIN

The challenge for us all is that we live inside our minds and our level of awareness. We have a paradigm, or way of seeing life, that keeps us locked into our habitual perceptions and beliefs. Therefore, it can be challenging to deeply understand our lives because we are trying to do so from the level of consciousness that created them.

Sometimes we need a higher, wider, more encompassing view that gives us information and understanding that may have escaped us.

This is the power of an intuitive reading. It offers guidance, insight and understanding from the Soul's perspective, which can sometimes be quite different from the mind's position.

During an intuitive reading I am able to access that Soul wisdom to bring you some effective practical gifts, such as:

  • Insight into repeating patterns and issues in your life

  • Release and healing of these issues

  • Grounded suggestions for moving forward with your goals and dreams

  • Reconnection at a Soul level

  • Understanding of your purpose and what will support it

  • Deep assessment of your energy state, and how to enhance it

  • Answers to specific questions you may have

  • An overview of your life journey and why it has played out that way

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Please note: This is not fortune telling or predicting the future. It is about empowering you with insights that can transform your life.

Reported Benefits

Clients have reported the following benefits:

Ability to let go and move on

Empowerment through learning specific tips and strategies

Heightened self-esteem

Ability to manage their emotions more effectively

Deeper alignment with their higher sense of purpose

Finally making sense of why their lives have followed certain themes

A greater vision of who they truly are

$475.00 NZD

Per reading. Readings can be done in person or by video link.

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